In commemoration of Operation Market Garden 70 years ago, hundreds of parachutists mainly from the English, Dutch and American militaries jumped out of historical planes today on the Ginkelse Heide near Arnhem, the Netherlands. Initially two drops were planned — the first one was cancelled due to fog, but the second one in the afternoon went ahead as planned. It was a long wait, but worth it! (Click images for bigger.)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau by Rasmus Weng Karlsen for Euroman


EDUARDO: I was your only friend. You had one friend.

THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010), David Fincher.

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  • Interviewer: So I'm reading the New York Times the other day and I come upon this ad, Best Picture of the Year, and all the media outlets--it's over your body, actually, Jesse.
  • Jesse Eisenberg: (laughs) Yes.
  • Andrew Garfield: Jesse's body is the Best Picture.

September 22nd 2014, marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of FRIENDS.


Rodeo Magazine, 2011